Saturday, November 22, 2008

The First Real Sign of Winter Approaching

This is the fountain in front of the office at my apartment complex. When I walked from the gym to the mailboxes at 7:00 this morning, there was more ice on it than this. I decided to take a picture of it when I walked back up this way. There was no water movement early this morning, and now there is, so that's a good sign! :O)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mini Makeover

I moved into my apartment back in May. I consolidated from a two-bedroom down to a one-bedroom. In order to make things fit and work best for me, I opted to sell my dining table and chairs so I could use the dining room more like an office (I have bar stools and a couch ... so I'm good for a place to eat). Since I moved in, the office area has been extremely cluttered and extremely annoying to me. So, I did a mini makeover on it. I thought I'd share the before and after pictures with you. I still need to take care of the window treatment. It's certainly not staying the way it is in the after picture!

Before (This picture was actually taken on a super neat and clean day; imagine things MUCH worse):


OK, so I know it doesn't look THAT different in the pictures, but it really looks a lot better, and it doesn't frustrate me when I walk in the room anymore. Woo hoo! :O)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Kinda Gross ... Kinda Cool

OK. I'll be the first to admit that, at times, my apartment looks a lot like a bachelor pad (a pretty one, though). What I'm about to show you, however, is more the result of an experiment, not grossness.

I had some Oreos and skim milk a few days ago. I left the glass of milk out for maybe a day. Within a day, I started to notice the milk changing. It was thickening a bit. Within probably two days, the top had bubbled up. Within three days, it looked like this:

Notice that it looks kind of like the inside of a Moon Pie sitting on top of a glass of water. I actually poured off the liquid, and it was clear like water. It left this behind:

I'm beyond amazed. I mean, I never would have thought that a glass of skim milk would have turned into that in three days. Now I know. Oh, and please know that I have disposed of the blob. The grossness has been removed from my apartment. The experiment is over. :O)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Juliette is Here!

My cousin Johnnie Ann had her baby Thursday. Her name is Juliette Ruth, and she is beautiful! Mommy and baby are both doing great. They went home from the hospital today. Here are a few pictures from the last couple of days. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sweetgrass Bouquets

HAHA ... I just remembered a dream I had last night, and I needed to share it with someone. Seeing as how it's a little late to call anyone (12:50 AM), I decided I would tell you!

The dream started out with me being at my friend Crystal's wedding (Crystal from camp ... we've been friends for almost 10 years now! CRAZY!). She had these super weird (but pretty cool) flowers. The bridesmaids only carried one, because they were HUGE! It's hard to describe if you're not in my dream, but try to picture a normal, say, tulip. Now picture the bloom the size of a paint can, maybe even bigger than that. They were sort of cartoonish looking. If anyone could pull off flowers like that, it would be Crystal!

So, in my dream, I proceded to tell Crystal that I liked her flowers a lot, and then I told her what kind of bouquets my bridesmaids would be carrying (keep in mind that neither one of us is actually getting married right now in real life, haha). My wedding was going to be on a Charleston plantation, so my bridesmaids were going to carry bouquets of sweetgrass flowers. Some of you may be thinking, "What the heck is a sweetgrass flower?" If you've ever been to the market in downtown Charleston, you've likely seen the women weaving baskets of sweetgrass. Well, as you walk around town, you're also likely to encounter men (typically, but sometimes women as well) selling roses made out of sweetgrass. I think they're really cool. I have two of them that I've purchased on trips to Charleston (a short-lived "tradition" of purchasing one each time I went to Charleston, haha).

So now I find myself actually contemplating what it would be like to have bouquets of sweetgrass roses in my wedding. On some level, I must admit that I think it could be kind of cool! On another level, it could easily look really tacky!! Your thoughts? :O)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Little Yearbook Fun

Several people on Facebook were going to the website, and one of them recommended that I try it out. So I did! Fun times indeed!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dreams Part Dos

So, after I went back to bed last night, my dreams got WAY worse!! I had a dream that my brother Joel died, and I was preparing to give his eulogy. It was TERRIBLE! You know how sometimes you have an awesome dream, and then you try really hard to fall asleep again and get back to the awesome dream? Typically it doesn't work, right? Well, last night, every time I woke up sad because Joel died, I fell asleep and was right back in that same dream!!! I woke up SO sad!! So, since my dream life wasn't exactly pleasant last night (with a few minor exceptions), I decided I would blog about some real life dreams I have. They will be in no particular order, and some of them WILL seem silly to you. But that's OK, because they're MY dreams!

  • be in a Sonic commercial
  • be in a shampoo commercial
  • be on Broadway
  • be a really good photographer

  • marry Mr. Special Someone :O)
  • go to Mexico
  • go to Africa
  • go to Scotland
  • go back to Ireland
  • stay in an English cottage
  • travel to all 50 states ... in a Winnebago (sp?!)
  • write a novel
  • be in a movie
  • drive from the top of South America to the bottom of South America ... with Mr. Special Someone
  • maybe live in Canada for a while
  • have a job where I get to travel, which might aid in the accomplishment of some of the aforementioned dreams
  • marry Mr. Someone Special under some oak trees on a plantation while people are playing guitar
  • have an ice cream flavor named after me
  • own enough chapstick (that I like) so that I have one in every purse, every travel bag, in my car (because someone will have invented chapstick that doesn't melt), in my desk, and in every room of my apartment (or maybe house by the time this dream can be realized)
  • compile a book of knock knock jokes
  • be in the same room as Kevin James ... that's all that can happen, because he's married
  • write a children's book
  • look good in a bikini (a modest one of course)
  • write beautiful poetry
  • not only to marry Mr. Special Someone but to have the kind of marriage my grandparents have
  • have a wrap around porch with rocking chairs and swings ... hmmm, which country would I like to be living in when I get the wrap around porch?
  • be a talk show hostess
  • be a talk show co-hostess with my cousin Johnnie Ann
  • live closer to all of my family

OK, that's probably enough for now. Thanks for enduring all this dreaming! :O)


Yes, it's almost 3:30 in the morning. My dreams woke me up. They often do. I was having a wide variety of dreams. One left me a little sad, as that "genre" of dreams always does. The dream ended with me hugging my sister Shana (only it wasn't really Shana, but that's not the point). We were in our old house. I have a lot of dreams where we're in our old house, which means I have a lot of dreams that we're one big happy family again. I really miss the days when we all lived together, the days before the divorce. Aside from me being a REALLY mouthy teenager with an out-of-control temper, we had a good thing going. I love my family, and it's still hard for me sometimes that we aren't together anymore.

One of my other dreams was just a little weird. This guy and I seemed to like each other. He kissed me along my jawline, which I thought was him just being sweet. Then he told me I needed to lose weight in my lips. Unless my lips grow to the size of Lafawnda's from Napoleon Dynamite, I don't foresee a guy ever telling me in real life that I need to lose weight in my lips. Haha, dreams can be so funny. :O)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bi-Lo and Bad Weather

These two things have nothing to do with each other, but I find I can be "title-challenged."

Friday evening, I went to Bi-Lo to purchase an assortment of Friday-evening-watching-movies-alone snacks. I wasn't sure what I wanted when I entered the store, so I sort of meandered around until "the snack" became obvious to me. I made a few observations while I was meandering. The first thing I noticed was the seemingly disproportionate amount of space dedicated to pork rinds. I've been to stores before in search of pork rinds for someone (definitely not myself) and could barely find them. Not in this Bi-Lo! There was a span of probably 10-15 feet 3 or 4 shelves high of pork rinds over by the frozen pizza (not near the chips, which was also bizarre). My second observation was the amount of space dedicated to Gold Fish. Granted, there are numerous varieties of Gold Fish crackers available these days, but over 1/6 of the entire cookie/cracker section was nothing but Gold Fish. They even got an end cap! My third observation was the strange layout of the store. Most Bi-Lo stores have a section devoted to things you might find at a child's birthday party: sodas, chips, cookies/crackers, and a bizarre assortment of small toys and party favors. So, if I want to buy a Friday evening snack, I usually head that way (or toward the freezer for some ice cream). In this store, all of those items are spread out, and the location of those items isn't exactly intuitive. To get to the cookies/crackers, I could take one of three routes (unless I took a strange maze-like route that some of you may want to suggest!):
1) walk through the freezer section that is in the middle of the store, hang a left at the pork rinds, and take a right a couple of aisles later
2) hang a left from the front of the store into the bakery section, walk straight back through the dairy section, hang a right at the back of the store, and hang another right a couple of aisles later
3) walk through the beer and wine section
All pretty obvious, typical ways to get to the cookies, right?

So, today we had bad weather - tornado warning kind of weather (there were a couple of actual tornados). I was at work during said bad weather, which I pretty much ALWAYS find amusing. A few of the ladies jump and squeal if there is thunder, and I'm almost always told to get away from the windows if there is any lightning. Updates are spouted out every few minutes, and cell phones are out all over the place. One thing I noticed today was that all of the "grown-ups" get very "parental" during severe weather. They're really concerned if someone leaves. They repeatedly tell everyone to be VERY careful and drive safe. One of my co-workers, a very fun and jovial kind of guy, even sent out a recommended evacuation plan today. Though I find it amusing, I also find it really sweet. I work for a great company with great people, and I'm very fortunate. :O)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Losing Brain Chelles

I enjoy going to Blockbuster and purchasing previously viewed DVD's when they're 4 for $20. I did this last night, and I purchased season 1 of Laguna Beach for $5, which is a pretty sweet deal. So, what am I doing now? Watching season 1 of Laguna Beach. These people are so silly! That's the nicest thing I can say! DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA!! I'm losing brain chelles (hehe) watching them!

So why am watching them? I think it's because I'm so intrigued by them and the lives they lead. Their lives are SO different from how I've ever lived. I can't even fathom living in a mansion on the beach, driving a car that costs as much as a house, and throwing formal parties in hotel rooms. And they're high school students!!

In the episode I'm watching currently, two of the girls opted to spend their spring break in New York in lieu of Cabo (you know, the "what happens in Cabo stays in Cabo" kind of spring break). One of the girls has a broadway audition. I would be SO OK with that! Maybe someday ... :O)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A New Bloginning

You may be asking, "Where (or what) is Rachelleville?" I had friends in high school who would give me a hard time either when I seemed to be lost in thought or when I started spouting off randomness. They would say I was in Rachelleville. Because, for me, blogging is typically a result of being lost in thought or is simply a time for me to spout off my randomness, Rachelleville seemed to be an appropriate location for my blogging. There is an official population of 1, but visitors are always welcome. Just be respectful of the customs of Rachelleville, and we'll get along just fine. :O)