Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dreams Part Dos

So, after I went back to bed last night, my dreams got WAY worse!! I had a dream that my brother Joel died, and I was preparing to give his eulogy. It was TERRIBLE! You know how sometimes you have an awesome dream, and then you try really hard to fall asleep again and get back to the awesome dream? Typically it doesn't work, right? Well, last night, every time I woke up sad because Joel died, I fell asleep and was right back in that same dream!!! I woke up SO sad!! So, since my dream life wasn't exactly pleasant last night (with a few minor exceptions), I decided I would blog about some real life dreams I have. They will be in no particular order, and some of them WILL seem silly to you. But that's OK, because they're MY dreams!

  • be in a Sonic commercial
  • be in a shampoo commercial
  • be on Broadway
  • be a really good photographer

  • marry Mr. Special Someone :O)
  • go to Mexico
  • go to Africa
  • go to Scotland
  • go back to Ireland
  • stay in an English cottage
  • travel to all 50 states ... in a Winnebago (sp?!)
  • write a novel
  • be in a movie
  • drive from the top of South America to the bottom of South America ... with Mr. Special Someone
  • maybe live in Canada for a while
  • have a job where I get to travel, which might aid in the accomplishment of some of the aforementioned dreams
  • marry Mr. Someone Special under some oak trees on a plantation while people are playing guitar
  • have an ice cream flavor named after me
  • own enough chapstick (that I like) so that I have one in every purse, every travel bag, in my car (because someone will have invented chapstick that doesn't melt), in my desk, and in every room of my apartment (or maybe house by the time this dream can be realized)
  • compile a book of knock knock jokes
  • be in the same room as Kevin James ... that's all that can happen, because he's married
  • write a children's book
  • look good in a bikini (a modest one of course)
  • write beautiful poetry
  • not only to marry Mr. Special Someone but to have the kind of marriage my grandparents have
  • have a wrap around porch with rocking chairs and swings ... hmmm, which country would I like to be living in when I get the wrap around porch?
  • be a talk show hostess
  • be a talk show co-hostess with my cousin Johnnie Ann
  • live closer to all of my family

OK, that's probably enough for now. Thanks for enduring all this dreaming! :O)

1 comment:

Alli and Erik said...

ok..dear Rochelle...I have a knock knock joke for you..add it to your book...hear goes...
knock knock.
Who's there?
Petsi who?
Petsi little kitty on the head...
Ok, it's silly, but aren't they supposed to be? A 2nd grader told me that! Love ya!