Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sweetgrass Bouquets

HAHA ... I just remembered a dream I had last night, and I needed to share it with someone. Seeing as how it's a little late to call anyone (12:50 AM), I decided I would tell you!

The dream started out with me being at my friend Crystal's wedding (Crystal from camp ... we've been friends for almost 10 years now! CRAZY!). She had these super weird (but pretty cool) flowers. The bridesmaids only carried one, because they were HUGE! It's hard to describe if you're not in my dream, but try to picture a normal, say, tulip. Now picture the bloom the size of a paint can, maybe even bigger than that. They were sort of cartoonish looking. If anyone could pull off flowers like that, it would be Crystal!

So, in my dream, I proceded to tell Crystal that I liked her flowers a lot, and then I told her what kind of bouquets my bridesmaids would be carrying (keep in mind that neither one of us is actually getting married right now in real life, haha). My wedding was going to be on a Charleston plantation, so my bridesmaids were going to carry bouquets of sweetgrass flowers. Some of you may be thinking, "What the heck is a sweetgrass flower?" If you've ever been to the market in downtown Charleston, you've likely seen the women weaving baskets of sweetgrass. Well, as you walk around town, you're also likely to encounter men (typically, but sometimes women as well) selling roses made out of sweetgrass. I think they're really cool. I have two of them that I've purchased on trips to Charleston (a short-lived "tradition" of purchasing one each time I went to Charleston, haha).

So now I find myself actually contemplating what it would be like to have bouquets of sweetgrass roses in my wedding. On some level, I must admit that I think it could be kind of cool! On another level, it could easily look really tacky!! Your thoughts? :O)

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