Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bi-Lo and Bad Weather

These two things have nothing to do with each other, but I find I can be "title-challenged."

Friday evening, I went to Bi-Lo to purchase an assortment of Friday-evening-watching-movies-alone snacks. I wasn't sure what I wanted when I entered the store, so I sort of meandered around until "the snack" became obvious to me. I made a few observations while I was meandering. The first thing I noticed was the seemingly disproportionate amount of space dedicated to pork rinds. I've been to stores before in search of pork rinds for someone (definitely not myself) and could barely find them. Not in this Bi-Lo! There was a span of probably 10-15 feet 3 or 4 shelves high of pork rinds over by the frozen pizza (not near the chips, which was also bizarre). My second observation was the amount of space dedicated to Gold Fish. Granted, there are numerous varieties of Gold Fish crackers available these days, but over 1/6 of the entire cookie/cracker section was nothing but Gold Fish. They even got an end cap! My third observation was the strange layout of the store. Most Bi-Lo stores have a section devoted to things you might find at a child's birthday party: sodas, chips, cookies/crackers, and a bizarre assortment of small toys and party favors. So, if I want to buy a Friday evening snack, I usually head that way (or toward the freezer for some ice cream). In this store, all of those items are spread out, and the location of those items isn't exactly intuitive. To get to the cookies/crackers, I could take one of three routes (unless I took a strange maze-like route that some of you may want to suggest!):
1) walk through the freezer section that is in the middle of the store, hang a left at the pork rinds, and take a right a couple of aisles later
2) hang a left from the front of the store into the bakery section, walk straight back through the dairy section, hang a right at the back of the store, and hang another right a couple of aisles later
3) walk through the beer and wine section
All pretty obvious, typical ways to get to the cookies, right?

So, today we had bad weather - tornado warning kind of weather (there were a couple of actual tornados). I was at work during said bad weather, which I pretty much ALWAYS find amusing. A few of the ladies jump and squeal if there is thunder, and I'm almost always told to get away from the windows if there is any lightning. Updates are spouted out every few minutes, and cell phones are out all over the place. One thing I noticed today was that all of the "grown-ups" get very "parental" during severe weather. They're really concerned if someone leaves. They repeatedly tell everyone to be VERY careful and drive safe. One of my co-workers, a very fun and jovial kind of guy, even sent out a recommended evacuation plan today. Though I find it amusing, I also find it really sweet. I work for a great company with great people, and I'm very fortunate. :O)

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