Sunday, August 24, 2008

Losing Brain Chelles

I enjoy going to Blockbuster and purchasing previously viewed DVD's when they're 4 for $20. I did this last night, and I purchased season 1 of Laguna Beach for $5, which is a pretty sweet deal. So, what am I doing now? Watching season 1 of Laguna Beach. These people are so silly! That's the nicest thing I can say! DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA!! I'm losing brain chelles (hehe) watching them!

So why am watching them? I think it's because I'm so intrigued by them and the lives they lead. Their lives are SO different from how I've ever lived. I can't even fathom living in a mansion on the beach, driving a car that costs as much as a house, and throwing formal parties in hotel rooms. And they're high school students!!

In the episode I'm watching currently, two of the girls opted to spend their spring break in New York in lieu of Cabo (you know, the "what happens in Cabo stays in Cabo" kind of spring break). One of the girls has a broadway audition. I would be SO OK with that! Maybe someday ... :O)

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