Friday, September 30, 2011

Just a Little Update

It's been several weeks since I posted, so I thought I'd catch you all up on my life. I'm still a stay-at-home wife. I'm hesitant to call myself a homemaker just yet, because I really stink at making a home. I'm confident the Lord will do a great work in me, and I will, someday, be a good homemaker.

I do not have a job, and we're still OK with that. We're still praying that if God wants me working outside of our home, He'll drop a job in my lap. I'm sure you all have differing opinions on that matter, but we have a peace about our decision. God has provided faithfully over the last several months, and we trust Him. Our photography business has been steady, and we're praying that it will grow if God wants us to continue pursuing it.

I'm in school. I'm taking Design and Art History at Greenville Technical College. I like both of my classes. Design is much more challenging than I anticipated (probably because I had NO CLUE what that class involved when I registered for it), but God has been faithful. He has answered the many prayers that have been lifted up on my behalf, and I'm making it through the class. Art History scared me. Historically (hehe), my strength has not been in history, and I've only taken one art class in my life (it was in sixth grade, and I only remember one assignment that involved lots of black crayons). Surprisingly, I'm doing well in Art History. I give all of the glory to God, because I know He is the one making my brain work for that class.

The plan for next semester is to take three classes. I wanted to take four, but they are only offering three that I need. Fortunately, they are all back to back, so I'll still only be on campus two days a week. I'll actually be taking a photography class, which is why I'm a student at GTC. I'm excited! I met the photography professor, and I'm looking forward to being in his class.

I'm leading a small group for the women's Bible study at my church again. We're going through Breaking Free by Beth Moore. It's been a good study so far, and I'm looking forward to the weeks to come. I have a great group of ladies who are open to the Lord working in their lives, and they're open to sharing with the group. That's a great combination.

I'm loving our community group. Over the last several weeks, we've made an effort to take things a little deeper, and it's been a rewarding experience. I'm grateful that God has provided us with a group of people to do life with, which is the way He intended things.

There are babies galore being born, and four of them are in our lives (yay!). Joseph's sister, Gina, had little Ruthie in August. She's precious! We're really happy for Jay and Gina. Our friends Brent and Shannon had their daughter, Brigid, about a month ago. She's adorable! We took her newborn pictures, and it was a blast! My best friend, Crystal, is pregnant with little Isabella Grace. I can't wait for Matt and Crystal to have her in their arms! Dan and Rachel from our community group are expecting their son in December. Exciting times all around!

Nope. That wasn't a segue to tell you I'm pregnant.

I hope you're all doing well. If you just read this whole post, you may be sleepy now. I give you permission to go take a nap. :o)