Friday, January 9, 2009

Today has been a fairly interesting day, so I'll share it with you.

It was finally Friday, so that made me happy. I was quite pleased to see Monday #5 arrive so this week could come to an end. I've just had a rough time getting back into the full swing of things. I was on vacation the whole week of Christmas, and I only worked Monday, Wednesday, and Friday last week. So, needless to say, my mind and body just weren't into working 5 days in a row! Here's hoping I do better next week. :O)

I won't mention work in my blog often, because I understand there can be unpleasant ramifications to that, but this is good, so I'm going to blog about it. The area in which I work is attempting a Biggest Loser competition again. We tried it this past summer, but it didn't really go that great on the whole. Personally, I quit just a few weeks in. We were competing in an "each man on his own" fashion. We're going about it differently this time. We're competing as teams. The two key benefits of this will be improving our health and building team unity. I can already tell that it's going over well. People are excited about getting physically fit, and we're excited about doing it together. My team had a meeting today to select a team name. We decided on Lardbusters, and our motto is "RAO TUM DA," (there's a really good chance I spelled that wrong, but it's pronounced "Low Tum Da" like ouch not low) which is Thai for "We can do it!" We laughed a lot during our meeting, which was good (except that toward the end of our 10:00 meeting I finished off my second bottle of water, so I was struggling ... sorry, TMI). I'm a fan of us walking down the hall in a Ghostbuster -like-fashion to our weigh-ins singing Ghostbuster music ... "Who ya gonna call? LARDBUSTERS! Dun un dun uh dun uh ..." haha

I took the afternoon off today because I was supposed to have Direct TV installed. The installers showed up, and they assessed the situation pretty quickly: my apartment is on the wrong side of the building to have Direct TV installed. The satellite would be pointing in the wrong direction, which apparently wouldn't work. I was really disappointed, because I was really looking forward to having Direct TV. I was only going to be paying about $35 a month, and I would have had DVR capability!! I was really excited! I called Charter to inquire about regular cable, and it was going to be over $70, which I declined politely. I just can't justify paying that much so I can watch TV all the time. So, after some contemplation, I went to Best Buy and purchased two digital converter boxes. I spent a total of about $130 (I needed to buy an antenna for one of my TV's as well, and I didn't have the government coupons which are no longer available "on demand"), which is less than I would have paid for two months of cable with Charter or 4 months of Direct TV. No, I don't have 150 channels or DVR capability, but I do have more channels (that aren't fuzzy!) than I had before, including something like 4 ETV's, because I needed that many.

As many of you know, I'm working toward improving my phsyical wellbeing. I've been exercising, and I'm working bit by bit on improving my eating habits. One of the ways I'm improving my eating habits is by eliminating fast food from my diet, which is difficult for me. I enjoy fast food (most of the time), and cooking just isn't always appealing to me. Tonight, for whatever reason, I was particularly tempted. I was even going to compromise with myself and just get a soda from Sonic. Instead of any form of fast food, I stopped by Publix. I purchased some healthy, organic food items, and I came home. Along with the salsa pizza I had already planned on making (pizza crust, salsa for sauce, chunks of grilled chicken, and fiesta blend cheese), I prepared a side salad that consisted of spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, baby carrots, sun-dried tomatoes, strawberries, and a few mixed nuts. It was a pretty yummy salad, an excellent source of veggies for me.

Before I sat down to eat, I decided I should weigh in on Wii Fit before I filled my tummy. Drum roll please ... I've lost 5 pounds since Monday night! That's 5 pounds in essentially 4 days! My eyes teared up a bit when it told me that. I reached my 2 week goal in 4 days, so I had to set a new goal! So, I hope to lose 5 more pounds within the next two weeks. I can do it!!

Alrighty, I'll let you go now. If you read all this, you're awesome. Have a great weekend!

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