Saturday, March 29, 2014

Remembering Our Grandmothers

Within the span of 15 months, Joseph and I lost three of our grandmothers, Ruth Dyer, Clyde Kirkpatrick, and Helen LeGette. Losing these three women in such a relatively short time period has been difficult to say the least. Today is the one year anniversary of Grandmama Clyde's passing, and we decided to do something that would honor all of them today. 

We live in Grandmama Ruth Dyer's old house (important distinction, because we also have Grandmoma Ruth Judy). She had a bird bath in the backyard that she enjoyed viewing from her windows. We have discussed moving the bird bath and using the spot for a fire pit. We decided to make a little memorial garden instead. 

When Grandmama Clyde passed, the funeral home gave us wildflower seeds we could plant in her memory. Today seemed like the perfect day to plant them, and the bed around the bird bath seemed like the perfect location. 

Full disclosure: We're pretty clueless when it comes to yard work and gardening. If these flowers don't grow, we're putting in that fire pit. 

We took turns shoveling out things that decided to grow in the wrong place. I am not good at shoveling. That's one of the reasons I married such a manly man. 

Then we planted six of the little hearts around the bird bath. Sigh. We should have prayed over them. They need the Lord's help. Maybe it's not too late. 

We purchased three butterfly stakes from our local Family Dollar to honor each of our grandmothers. 

We thought they were cute. 

The finished Memorial Garden:

An attempt at a selfie with the garden:

I like that we can see it from the windows on the back side of our house. That's the only way we'll know if the flowers are growing, because we aren't really outdoors kind of people. 

It already rained on them, so who knows, maybe our little garden has a chance. If not, I already have a DIY fire pit or two pinned on Pinterest. 

We love you, Grandmama Ruth (2012), Grandmama Clyde (2013), and Grandmama Helen (2014)!

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